About Us
We were incorporated on 15 July, 2000 to focus on developing the Internet e-business solutions.

Our business revenue model is based on subscription where clients need only to pay a one-time non-recurrence set-up cost and a monthly subscription based on number of software modules and users. We also provide turnkey solutions.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to implement solutions based on clients’ actual requirements and provide complementary services to deliver the solutions. This enables the clients to focus on their core competencies and partnering us to achieve competitive advantage in the market place in the digital economy.

We focus on our core competency in software development, developing solutions for business information exchange over the Internet. We work with other business partners in delivering our solutions.

Some of our reference projects included:

  • Sanyo Industries Pte Ltd, Internet Procurement Systems
  • Sanyo Asia Pte Ltd, Internet Procurement Systems
  • Volex Asia Pte Ltd, Internet Procurement Systems
  • Sooner Technologies Pte Ltd, Component Exchange Portal
  • FE Global Electronics Pte Ltd, Customer Information System and Enterprise Portal

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