Our Solutions
PurchaseNet Online Procurement Hub

Our on-line procurement hub solution provides the building blocks to enable companies to integrate their back-end internal business process with their key business partners.

At the supplier end, we provide a FTP client to download data. Supplier who has on-line connection to the Internet can use the SOAP interface for data transfer. The data received are processed and convert to the format that is suitable to import to the Business Application.

Design Consideration

Data from your backend system are sent to the On-line Procurement Hub and are converted to MS SQL database. Example of backend system are MRP, ERP.

Our On-line Procurement Hub consists of the following modules:

  • Production Forecast
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Orders
  • Payment Advise
  • Request for Quotation
Logistics Partners Support

Based on configuration, you can set up additional message to logistics partner for every purchase order issued. These data can be sent via FTP, Email or Web Services depending on the capability of the Logistic Partners.